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Meet Me in St. Louis

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Meet Me in St. Louis

A Comedy by Christopher Sergel Dramatized from the book by Sally Benson

Co-Directed by Elizabeth Ruddell & Richelle Lutz

Produced by Julie Wallyn

The video and/or audio recording of this performance by

any means whatsoever are strictly prohibited.



Meet Me in St. Louis is produced by special arrangement with

Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

440 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016

Westfield Playhouse

220 North Union Street, Westfield, IN - (317) 402-3341

For reservations, call or see our website:


Board of Directors

Brandi Davis - President
Bill Miller - Vice President of Business
Jen Otterman - Vice President of Arts

Thom Johnson - VP Community of Engagement
Steven Marsh - Secretary
Kevin Shadle - Treasurer

Rayford Crenshaw II, Ka’Lena Cuevas, Doug Davis
Kate Hinman, Carolyn Montgomery, John Sampson
Teresa Otis-Skelton, Tom Smith, Rich Steinberg





Nicole Amsler 

Angie Baker

Chris Baker

Corwyn Barrows

Marissa Barrows

Melody Barrows

Misty Barrows
Helen Louise Boling
Col. Joseph E. Boling (Ret)
Betsy Bullis

Jan Bultemeier
Charles Callery
Judith Callery

Kae Campbell

Anita Capps

Rayford Crenshaw II
Ka’Lena Cuevas

Adam Davis
Brandi Davis
Doug Davis

Julie Dirck

Veronique Duprey

Leslie French

Charles Heinrich

Romana Henderson

Kate Hinman

Norma Hoberty

Dave Jackson

Leanne Jackson
Jan Jamison
Thom Johnson
Melanie Kelly

Stuart Kelly

Barbara Krueger
Duane Leatherman
Linnea Leatherman

Margaret Lewis
Steven Marsh

Barbara May

Bill Miller

Beth Montag

Larry Montag

Andrea Odle

Mason Odle

Teresa Otis-Skelton

Chris Otterman

Jen Otterman

Elizabeth Ruddell

John Sampson
Carol Shadle
Kevin Shadle
Tom Smith

Dave Soper

Linda Soper
Rich Steinberg

Georgie Teipen

Julie Wallyn
Lisa M. Warner
Kat Watson
Barb Weaver

Jo Ann Weiker

Rita Wicks

Linda Winchell

The Cast of Meet Me in St. Louis


Mr. Smith - Graham Puterbaugh

Mrs. Smith - Rachel Bush

Rose - Lizzie Schultz

Esther - Audrey Hockins

Agnes - Lilah Cross

Tootie - Liv Keslin

Lon - Sam Vrtismarsh

Grandma Prophater - Ella Crites

Katie - Tatyana Hobbs

Mrs. Waughop - Madison Alig

Ida Boothby - Ella Walsworth

John Shepard - Austin Lizama

Fred Gregory - Wyatt Rhoades

Lucille Pentard - Isabella Hasseld

Mr. Dodge - Austin Lizama

Miss Duffy - Amaya Smith

Trolley Conductors - Camren Davis & Elizabeth Schuth

The Crew of Meet Me in St. Louis
Producer - Julie Wallyn

Co-Director - Elizabeth Ruddell

Co-Director - Richelle Lutz

Student Director - Claire Shonkwiler

Stage Manager - Amber Roth

Set Design - Elizabeth Ruddell

Set Construction - Adam Davis & Nikolai Davis

Set Decoration - Julie Wallyn, Kelly Keller, & Richelle Lutz

Costumes - Thia Calley

Properties Design - Beth Montag

Lighting & Sound Design - Eric Matters

Light & Sound Board Operator - Sam Brown

Hair and Makeup Designer - Richelle Lutz

Posters/Graphics - Bill Miller

Webmaster/Online Program - Brandi Davis

Social Media - Ka'Lena Cuevas

The Setting of Meet Me in St. Louis


The living room of the Smith family in St. Louis

Late spring, 1904

Act One:  Late afternoon

Act Two:  After dinner, the same day

Act Three:  Saturday evening, a week and a half later

There will be one 15 minute intermission between Acts 2 & 3.

Cast Bios

Graham Puterbaugh (2).jpg
Rachel Bush (2).jpg
Lizzie Schultz (1).jpg
Audrey Hockins (2).jpg
Lilah Cross (2).jpg
Liv Keslin (2).jpg
Sam Vrtismarsh (3).jpg
Ella Crites (2).jpg
Tatyana 2.jpg
Madison Alig (2).jpg
Ella Walsworth.jpg
Austin Lizama (2).jpg
Wyatt Rhoades (1).jpg
Isabella Hasseld (1).jpg
Amaya Smith (3).jpg
Camren Davis (1).jpg
Elizabeth Schuth (1).jpg

Graham Puterbaugh (Mr. Smith)

Graham has been seen in Westfield Playhouse shows before, such as “Charlotte’s Web,” “The Monologue Show” and “Alice in Wonderland.” He will attend Westfield High School this fall. He would like to thank his friends and family for their support, his theatre teacher Mrs. Adams, and Westfield Playhouse for giving him this opportunity.


Rachel Bush (Mrs. Smith)

Rachel is no stranger to Westfield Playhouse patrons, having been in the casts of “Charlotte’s Web,” “The Monologue Show” and “Alice in Wonderland.”  She is home schooled.


Lizzie Schultz (Rose)

Lizzie is another new face to take the Westfield Playhouse stage. She will attend Noblesville High School this fall and would like to thank her mother and father.

Audrey Hockins (Esther)

Audrey has been in many musicals and theater productions at her school and in the community, but this is her first time on the Westfield Playhouse stage. She will be a junior this fall at Carmel High School, where she is a member of the Ambassadors show choir and Select Sound a cappella ensemble. She would like to thank her family and friends for their unconditional support.

Lilah Cross (Agnes)

Lilah has performed in numerous plays in the area, even winning an Encore award, but this is her first show at Westfield Playhouse.

Liv Keslin (Tootie)

Liv is very active in her school drama and choir productions, but this is her first time on the Westfield Playhouse stage. She will be attending Zionsville Middle School. She would like to thank the directors for the opportunity to bring the role of Tootie to life, and her parents and little brothers for their love, support, and ongoing rides to rehearsals.

Sam Vrtismarsh (Lon)

Sam may be a familiar face to Westfield Playhouse patrons as he has previously performed here in “The Monologue Show,” “Charlotte’s Web,” “The Homecoming Walton’s Christmas Story,” “The Nerd” and “Best Christmas Pageant Ever.” This fall, he will be a student at Carmel High School. He would like to thank the directors, the cast and his family.

Ella Crites (Grandma Prophater)

This is the first time for Ella to be in a Westfield Playhouse production. She will be attending Westfield High School this fall. She would like to thank all of her sisters, her parents and her wonderful grandparents.

Tatyana Hobbs (Katie)

Tatyana’s experiences on the Westfield Playhouse stage include “The Monologue Show,” “Alice in Wonderland” and “The Adventure of the Speckled Band.” She is home schooled and would like to thank her mom who drives her to all the rehearsals, and the rest of her family who supports her.

Madison Alig (Mrs. Waughop)

This is Madison’s first show on the Westfield Playhouse stage. She will be attending Carmel High School this fall. She would like to thank her mom and dad for always supporting her.

Ella Walsworth (Ida Boothby)

Ella is excited to join the cast of Meet Me in St. Louis, her first show at the Westfield Playhouse. She has been involved in musical theatre for several years and her favorite productions include Footloose at Carmel Middle School, as well as The Wizard of Oz and Revue! at Civic Theatre. She is fourteen and will be attending school abroad in the fall. She would like to thank her parents for always supporting her and hopes you enjoy the show!

Austin Lizama (John Shepard & Mr. Dodge)

Austin has participated in a wide variety of productions, but this will be his first at Westfield Playhouse. He will be a student at Zionsville High School. He would like to thank both his friends and parents who have supported him throughout his journey as a performer.

Wyatt Rhoades (Fred Gregory)

This will be Wyatt’s first production at Westfield Playhouse. He attends Tipton High School. He would like to thank his parents and his directors for this opportunity.

Isabella Hasseld (Lucille Pentard)

This will mark Isabella’s first production on the Westfield Playhouse stage. She is home schooled and would like to thank her family, best friend Bailey, Molley, and the stage crew.

Amaya Smith (Miss Duffy)

Amaya is performing in her first Westfield Playhouse production. She will attend Westfield High School this fall. She would like to thank her wonderful parents, sister, and her friend Ella who told her about this production.

Camren Davis (Trolley Conductor)

Westfield Playhouse patrons may recall Camren’s performances in the casts of “The Homecoming” or “Charlotte’s Web.” She is home schooled and would like to thank her parents.      

Elizabeth Schuth (Trolley Conductor)

Elizabeth is making her first appearance on the Westfield Playhouse stage. She will be attending Westfield High School this fall. She wants to thank her parents, Frenchie, Lexie, and her grandma for always keeping her updated on the weather.

Crew Bios

Richelle Lutz.jpg
Elizabeth Ruddell.jpg
Amber Roth.jpeg
Claire Shonkwiler (2).jpg

Julie Wallyn (Producer)

Julie is glad for the opportunity to serve as a producer. She was the assistant director two years ago of the Encore Association award-winning comedy "Social Security." Westfield Playhouse patrons saw Julie on stage in 2020 in "Christmas at the Playhouse" and "Hedda Gabler."

Richelle Lutz (Co-Director)

Richelle is enjoying co-directing her first show at Westfield. Her breakout role was Willa Mae Wilcox in A Bad Year for Tomatoes at Clinton County Civic Theater. She has been in plays continually since then. She is the mom of two sons, ages 41 and 32. She is currently a Director of Music and Associate Pastor and Psychologist. She is a Graduate of Indiana University in Nursing and a Graduate of Southern New Hampshire University with degree in Psychology. Richelle's mantra is Proverbs 3:6.

Elizabeth Ruddell (Co-Director)

Elizabeth is excited to co-direct "Meet Me in St. Louis" for Main Street Productions at Westfield Playhouse. Previously, she directed "A Lacy Summer" and assistant directed "Getting Sara Married" at Epilogue Players. She has costumed, directed and/or produced shows for Zionsville OMSP, AMT, Artists Studio, Carmel Repertory, and Footlite Musicals, and for 5 years she directed the musicals and plays for Zionsville Community High School. She is currently the President for the Dramatic Club. Elizabeth has a B.A. degree in Theatre-Smith College, is an Encore Award-winning actress and has performed and directed professionally. She would like to thank the cast and staff of "Meet Me in St. Louis"or sharing their talent and creativity and her Co-Director, Richelle Lutz, for her theatrical collaboration.


Amber Roth (Stage Manager)

Claire Shonkwiler (Student Director)


Special Thanks

Bill Miller

Thia Calley

Broadway Costumes

Epilogue Theater

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