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By Marshall Karp

Directed by Doug Davis

Produced by Teresa Otis-Skelton

The video and/or audio recording of this performance by

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A Raisin in the Sun is produced by special arrangement with

Samuel French, Inc., A Concord Theatricals Company

45 W. 25th Street, New York, NY 10010

Westfield Playhouse

220 North Union Street, Westfield, IN - (317) 402-3341

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Board of Directors

Brandi Davis - President
Bill Miller - Vice President of Business
Jen Otterman - Vice President of Arts

Thom Johnson - VP Community Engagement
Steven Marsh - Secretary
Kevin Shadle - Treasurer

Rayford Crenshaw II, Ka’Lena Cuevas, Doug Davis
Kate Hinman, Carolyn Montgomery, John Sampson
Teresa Otis-Skelton, Tom Smith, Rich Steinberg





Nicole Amsler 

Angie Baker

Chris Baker

Corwyn Barrows

Marissa Barrows

Melody Barrows

Misty Barrows
Helen Louise Boling
Col. Joseph E. Boling (Ret)
Betsy Bullis

Jan Bultemeier
Charles Callery
Judith Callery

Kae Campbell

Anita Capps
Ka’Lena Cuevas

Adam Davis
Brandi Davis
Doug Davis

Julie Dirck

Veronique Duprey

Charles Heinrich

Romana Henderson

Kate Hinman

Norma Hoberty
Jan Jamison
Thom Johnson
Melanie Kelly

Stuart Kelly
Duane Leatherman
Linnea Leatherman
Steven Marsh

Barbara May

Bill Miller

Beth Montag

Larry Montag

Andrea Odle

Mason Odle

Teresa Otis-Skelton

Chris Otterman

Jen Otterman

Elizabeth Ruddell

John Sampson
Carol Shadle
Kevin Shadle
Tom Smith

Dave Soper

Linda Soper
Rich Steinberg

Julie Wallyn
Lisa M. Warner
Kat Watson
Barb Weaver

Jo Ann Weiker

Rita Wicks

Linda Winchell

Director's Message

What an honor I have been given to direct one of the most important American  plays ever written:  A Raisin in the Sun.  When she was just twenty-eight years old, Lorraine Hansberry wrote this play.  Two years later, in 1959, A Raisin in the Sun opened on Broadway, granting Hansberry the opportunity to become the first African American female playwright to have a play produced on Broadway.  A Raisin in the Sun is a tragic story about a poor black family struggling to live in adequate housing.  At the heart of the play is the universal message of the desire for social progress amid the differing opinions on how to achieve it.  But A Raisin in the Sun is also a story about hope.  I am delighted that you he chosen to support live theatre by your attendance today.  So, sit back, take a deep breath, turn your mind to the 1950's, and enjoy our story.

Nancy B. Lafferty, Director

The Cast of Squabbles


Walter Younger - De'Jon Marshall-Fisher
Ruth Younger - Andrea Hardy

Lena Younger - Angela Holland

Beneatha Younger - Kaitlynn Nailon

Travis Younger - Deveon Reese

Joseph Asagai - Keita Dennis

George Murchison - Deont'a Stark

Karl Lindner - Jeff Maess

Bobo, Moving Man - Jalen Anderson

The Crew of Squabbles
Producer - Teresa Otis-Skelton

Director - Doug Davis

Assistant Director - Jan McGill

Stage Manager - Anne Auwaerter

Set Design - John Sampson

Set Decoration - Nancy Lafferty & John Sampson

Costumes - Jan Jamison

Hair & Make-Up - Cast

Properties Design - Susie Walden

Sound Design & Operation - Eric Bowman

Lighting Design - Angie Baker

Light Board Operator - Susan Hill

Set Construction - John Sampson

Posters/Graphics - Bill Miller

Webmaster/Online Program - Brandi Davis

Social Media - Ka'Lena Cuevas

The Setting of Squabbles

The Younger family's apartment on Chicago's Southside in the early 1950s


Scene One:  Friday, early morning

Scene Two:  The following morning


Scene One:  Later that same day

Scene Two:  A Friday nigh, a few weeks later

Scene Three:  Saturday, one week later



Scene One:  One hour later

There will be one 15 minute intermission between Acts 1 & 2.

Cast Bios

Jalen Anderson (Bobo/Moving Man/Assistant Director)

Jalen was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN. He began his training in acting and backstage work when he was 18 years old at Broad Ripple High School.  Since then, Jalen has received his theater certificate from IUPUI and workshops with Indy Actors Academy.  He has completed several short films such as The Final Fortune, Injustice, Emotional Abuse in Relationships, Remote, A Bluesy Flight and When Enough is Enough, for which he did voiceover work.  He has also worked on the web series as an extra for Paragenex.  Jalen’s background in live theater includes The Gifted Souls, Clybourne Park, A Bluesy Night, as well as A Murder Mystery Game. Jalen plans on focusing on every aspect of acting and performing to be in more films, TV shows, and theater productions. This is his first time being an assistant director. Jalen is very excited to take on this new role on the production side to help him grow as an actor and performer.

Keita "KJ" Dennis (Joseph Asagai)

Keita "KJ" Dennis was born and raised in Washington, DC and Maryland.  Keita has been singing and performing on a stage for about 20 years.  After being a solo artist, he was part of an R&B band called Yamama'nym and primarily performed in the DC/Baltimore area.  They soon started performing up and down the east coast from Boston to Atlanta. In 2005, they toured Japan and Korea playing for the troops. In 2007, they toured East Africa and the Middle East, during which time he recorded 2 projects with the band.  Since moving to Indianapolis, he has been transitioning to the stage.  You may have seen him in Not All Men are Dogs (2013), Landscape People (2014), For Colored Girls (2018), and most recently Too Good To Be True (2019).

Andrea Hardy (Ruth Younger)

Andrea Hardy is excited to be playing the role of Ruth in MSP’s production of A Raisin in the Sun.  This is Andrea’s first play on the MSP stage.  She began her theatre journey at Warren Central High School’s theatre program in the play of Peter Pan, went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcasting and Theatre from Western Kentucky University, and has studied under some of the most profound acting coaches here locally.  Andrea has played roles in various theatre and film projects such as For Colored Girls, School Daze, Life as Junnie Brown, Date Night, and The Mechanic.  She has also stage managed and worked as a production assistant for a variety of theatre shows and films such as Til Death Do Us Part and The Wiz with Kaidydid Productions, Little Butchie Sings for James Solomon Benn, Homecoming with DC2 Media Group, Hand-Me-Down Heartache and Broken Silence with Pearls Productions.  Andrea enjoys spending time with her son, Genesis, and is a champion for mothers pursuing their dreams and not allowing them to become deferred.  She hopes you enjoy the show and thanks you for your support of community theatre.

Angela Holland (Lena Younger/Mama)

Angela is very excited to be in MSP’s production of A Raisin in the Sun.  This is her first play on the MSP stage and her Indianapolis community theater debut. However, Angela is not new to the stage.  Just last year, she was honored to play Rose in Studio 321’s production adaptation of Fences, in Evansville, IN.  She also enjoyed becoming Sister Mary Hubert in Meshuggah Nuns at Evansville Civic Theater.  Angela would like to thank director Nancy Lafferty for this wonderful opportunity with this amazing group of actors.  She would especially like to thank her sisters, OJ and Shance, and brother Byron for all their love, support, and encouragement.  Enjoy the experience in the sun!

Jeff Maess (Karl Lindner)

Jeff is excited to return to the stage at Main Street Productions where he last appeared as Al Lewis in The Sunshine Boys.  Favorite roles include Mr. Webb in Our Town, Don Quixote in The Quest for Don Quixote, Ira Drew in It’s Only A Play, Virgil Blessing in Bus Stop, and Prosecutor Gilmer in To Kill A Mockingbird.  Jeff has performed with numerous theatre companies in the Indianapolis area, including The Belfry, Fat Turtle Theatre Company, Theatre on The Square, Indianapolis Civic Theater, and Oaklandon Civic Theatre. 

De'Jon Le'Tray Marshall-Fisher (Walter Lee Younger)

De’Jon Le’Tray Marshall-Fisher is an Indiana State University Alumni who graduated in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts.  During his studies there, he performed in The Fantasticks, The Velveteen Rabbit, and Titus Andronicus, among many others.  This is his first time performing with Main Street Productions Inc. and the first role he’s auditioned for in 8 years!  He is very honored, excited, and proud to be starring in the role of Walter Lee, who legends like Sidney Poitier, Danny Glover, and Denzel Washington played in the past.

Kaitylnn Nailon (Beneatha Younger)

Kaitlynn is happy to be playing the role of Beneatha in MSP’s production of A Raisin in the Sun.  Although this is her first play with Westfield Playhouse, she is no amateur to the stage.  You may have seen her in the Demarco Plays’ production of Dear Diary.  Kaitlynn is a relocation specialist and has one beautiful daughter. She hopes you enjoy the show tonight and that it opens your eyes to the very things that are happening today.

Deveon Reese (Travis Younger)

Deveon is excited to be a part of A Raisin in the Sun.  This is his first production outside of school performances.  Deveon attends Stonybrook Intermediate and Middle school where he is a student in excel 5th grade.  His 4th grade teacher Jennifer Kaufmann played a huge part in preparing him for this awesome role.  His favorite subject is math where he excels and does amazing things with numbers.  He enjoys playing basketball and spending time with his family.  He is the second oldest of four children and loves being a big brother.  Thank you for coming out to support the cast and this amazing production and he hopes you have an eye-opening experience!

Deont'a Stark (George Murchison)

Familiar with the stage, Deont’a is an Indy native, born and raised in Indianapolis. He’s played a variety of roles from George Orwell to Stephen Sondheim, working in professional, collegiate, and well-known community theatres, as well as numerous shows throughout high school.  He went to Vietnam to tour and perform Stephen Sondheim’s Company for two weeks.  He is the oldest of three children, and his mom, Shamekka Stark, and his younger sisters, Dy’Talzha and De’Asia, have always been his biggest supporters.  Losing his grandma early this year back in April, Deont’a would like to dedicate his performance to her.

Rest in peace, Grandma—I hope I continue to make you proud!

Director Bio & Harlem


Nancy Lafferty has been involved in theatre for over fifty years.  She has been an actor since kindergarten and a director since college.  Nancy taught high school theatre for over 20 years, and since retiring from education, she has shifted her focus to directing for community theatre.  This is the first show she has directed at the Westfield Playhouse.

About the Playwright

When Lorraine Hansberry’s (1930-1965) A Raisin in the Sun appeared on Broadway in 1959, the artist became, at twenty-nine, the youngest American playwright, the fifth woman, and the only African American to date to win the New York Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Play of the Year. The play represented a landmark. In its authentic depiction of Black American life, and the vivid demonstration of so gifted a creator, cast, and director, it made it impossible for the American stage to ignore African American creativity and subject matter thereafter. In 1961, the film version won a special award at the Cannes Film Festival and was nominated for a Screen Writer’s Guild Award for Hansberry’s screenplay. In 1965, Lorraine Hansberry died of cancer at age 34. As if prescient, in the six years she had between the triumph of her first play and her death, she was extraordinarily prolific. Her second play to be produced on Broadway, The Sign in Sidney Brustein’s Window, was in its early run to mixed reviews, when Hansberry died; the curtain came down on that date. To Be Young, Gifted, and Black, an autobiographical portrait in her own words adapted by her former husband and literary executor Robert Nemiroff, was posthumously produced in 1969 and toured across the country. In 1970, Les Blancs, her play about the inevitability of struggle between colonizers and colonized in Africa, and the impending crisis that would surely grow out of it, ran on Broadway to critical acclaim. During her career as a playwright, Hansberry wrote many articles and essays on literary criticism, racism, sexism, homophobia, world peace and other social and political issues. At her death, she left behind file cabinets holding her public and private correspondence, speeches and journals, and various manuscripts in several genres: plays for stage and screen, essays, poetry, and an almost complete novel.

Special Thanks

Carmel Community Players

The Belfry Theatrer

Buck Creek Players

MSP Board of Directors

Pat Dorwin

Dennis Jones

Mike Mellot

Ron Roessler

Cathie Morgan

Courtnie Janikowski

Jean Medley 

Cathy Cutshall

Linnea Letherman


Michael Clossin

Chris Otterman

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