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Seeking Youth Shows for the Summer of 2024

Deadline to Submit is May 1, 2023

Submissions open for a summer youth production director and script for 2024.

Main Street Productions, Inc. is in search of a director and script for the summer 2024 Youth Show. Scripts will be considered for their suitability to our audience demographic and our space.


Submissions will be accepted until May 1.

Please submit one copy of each script you would like to be considered to the email address available on the play submission form. Please submit the play submission form and a resume detailing your directorial experience. For musical submissions, please include a copy of the cast recording. We will accept up to four submissions.

Play Submission Document

2024 Calendar Year submissions are closed

Westfield Playhouse is seeking director submissions for the 2024 calendar year.  

Main Street Productions will be selecting five submissions to run from January 2024 through December of 2024.  We try to include shows across multiple genres including comedies, dramas, musicals, and original scripts.  All genres will be considered for their suitability to our audience demographics and our space.  Both new and experienced directors are welcome.  All prospective applicants will need to submit a resume detailing their directorial experience.  In the case of new directors, a general theatrical resume, along with a letter of recommendation from an established director will be required.  

Submissions are accepted from August 1 through November 1

Please submit one copy of each script you would like us to consider to the email address available on the document below.  For musical submissions please also include a copy of the cast recording.  Directors wishing to submit more than two scripts will need to include multiple submission documents with their scripts.  We will accept up to four submissions.  All submissions should be sent no later than November 1.

Selection Process

Our Board appoints a selection committee who will read, review, and rank each submission.  The committee will make their decisions based on the balance of the season, the dates each director is available, and how the scripts fit with our audiences and vision for the season.  Shows being considered for the holiday time slot will need to be seasonally appropriate and family friendly.  Once the committee has selected shows, every director will be notified.

Special Note

Westfield Playhouse does not provide a director their team.  Each director is responsible for securing their properties, costume, hair/make-up, sound designer and operator, light designer and operator, set designer and set builder.  MSP will handle the public relations, advertising and ticket sales.

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