Audition Information

Meet Me in St. Louis

(Youth Production)

By Christopher Sergal adapted from the novel by Sally Benson

Youth ages 10 to 19 (through graduating seniors) and girls aged 8-10 are welcome to audition.


Covid precautions will be followed and include taking temperatures upon arrival, mandatory masks, and social distancing.  For more information on the MSP Covid-19 Policy, please see the bottom of this page.  

If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or believe that you may have had an exposure, please do not attend our live auditions. Instead, record a brief, self-taped video describing your favorite hobby and email it to

Audition Dates:  

Monday, May 10 & Tuesday May 11 from 6:00 - 8:00 pm.  Auditions will be held inside the beautiful Westfield Playhouse located at 220 N Union St., Westfield, IN 46074.  Please enter through the front lobby doors.  Those auditioning will read from the script.  Please bring a list of all conflicts between May 17 and July 25.

If you have any questions on auditions, please contact Director, Elizabeth Ruddell by private message on Facebook.

Performance Dates: 

July 15 - 25, 2021

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday shows begin at 7:30. Sunday shows begin at 2:30.


Rehearsals will start May 17, and run Monday thru Thursdays from 7:00 - 9:00 pm.  We will be working around final exams and summer holidays.  Not all roles will be called every rehearsal.


Masks will be mandatory at all rehearsals and temperatures will be checked at the doors.


Four sisters are all blazing with excitement over the wonderful World's Fair that is about to open right there in St. Louis. The girls are also in a state about the love life of their only brother, whom they suspect of ditching his sweet hometown girl for a snob from the East. In the midst of the sisters' humorous maneuvers to rule (or ruin) their brother's new romance, Father finally breaks in with his announcement. He's been offered a better job in New York! This will mean leaving their home in St. Louis and missing the fair! At this, the girls unite for action.

Roles to be cast:

There are 16 speaking roles to be cast - 9 females and 7 males

Roles include the 4 Smith sisters, their brother, mother, father, and maid in addition to friends and neighbors.

The director is particularly looking for a young girl (aged 8-10) to play the role of Tootie, the youngest sister.





1.    There will be a check in point where actors/technicians/volunteers will have their temperature taken which must be below 99.9 and they will be asked a short list of health question.  These will include:


              - Are you currently experiencing any of the following symptoms related to Covid-19

               that are NOT PREEXISTING CONDITIONS


                       * Fever or chills

                        * Cough

                        * Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

                        * Fatigue

                        * Muscle or body aches

                        * Headache

                        * New loss of taste or smell

                        * Sore throat

                        * Congestion or runny nose

                        * Nausea or vomiting

                        * Diarrhea


                - In the past 14 days, have you experienced any of the above symptoms related to 



                -  In the past 14 days, have you been exposed to anyone who has had the above



2.  We will have hand sanitizer in the dressing rooms, outside the actor bathrooms and back stage for actor/technician/volunteer use.


3.  Actors/technicians/volunteers are required to wear a face mask to all auditions, rehearsals, and activities in the theatre.  Everyone is expected to provide their own mask.  Should they arrive to the theatre without a mask, the director will require that one be purchased for one dollar from MSP.


4.  Actors/technicians/volunteers will need to carry in their own reusable water bottles.  MSP will provide no food or beverage.


5.  Actors/technicians/volunteers should show up to all rehearsals prepared with all of their own materials, including, but not limited to, scripts, pencils, masks, water bottles.  NO company members should share writing utensils or other items unless it is a prop in the show.  All actors, technicians, and volunteers should wash/sanitizer their hands before and after rehearsal.


6.  Dressing rooms will be sectioned off to allow for social distancing between actors.


7.  Actors/technicians/volunteers are encouraged to wear a facial shield covering during performances.  If your cast will be wearing face shields, this covering will be provided by the theatre as part of the overall costume.**


8.  Props and touch surfaces will be sanitized before each rehearsal and performance for the stage, backstage, dressing rooms, and the booth.


9.  Actors will bring and use only their own make-up and hair styling equipment.  There should be no sharing of these personal items.  All of these items will be taken home after each night’s performance. 


10.  There will be no reception lines or gathering of actors or company members in the lobby following the performance.  Any greeting or picture taking with friends or family should occur outside the theatre, at a safe social distance.


11.  Prior to being cast, all actors will be asked to sign a form agreeing to “quarantine”  themselves during the rehearsal and performance period.  The actor should avoid what the CDC has identified as risky behaviors during a pandemic. This includes, but not limited to, large gatherings, parties, bars/indoor restaurants, and travel.  This also includes agreeing to wear a mask when in public places.


12.  If an actor, technician, or volunteer tests positive for Covid during the early portion of rehearsal, s/he will be removed from the production and the role will be reassigned.  Re-casting will also occur if this situation happens close to opening, and the role is small.  If a positive test occurs too close to opening night, the show may need to be delayed until any danger of Covid is obviously eradicated.  Any member of the company who believes they have been exposed to Covid should IMMEDIATELY contact their director who should IMMEDIATLEY contact the producer.  The producer is responsible for notifying the Executive Committee.


**  It is the policy of the theatre to allow the producer and director to agree on the wearing of face coverings (shields, masks) for PERFORMANCES ONLY.  If the director and producer feel facial coverings will negatively impact what they are trying to present they can make the decision for the cast WHEN ON STAGE to not wear masks during PERFORMANCES ONLY.  When this occurs, it must be disclosed prior to auditions.  In the event the show has already been cast, the cast and crew of the show must be in 100% unanimous agreement of the removal of masks.  If one actor feels unsafe, then it is the responsibility of the director to make them feel safe which may mean a rule that masks must be worn by all.  Under no circumstances is a member of the cast or crew to be removed from a show due to their refusal to not wear a mask.  If one member of the show would like to wear a mask and is comfortable with others not wearing masks, this would be allowed.  When masks are not worn during PERFORMANCES ONLY, social distancing on stage should be strengthened.  Should the Board of Directors become aware of any situation where a member of the show is uncomfortable and the director is not accommodating, this rule is rescinded for said production and all members of the cast will be required to wear masks during all performances.