Audition Information

Night Must Fall

By Emlyn Williams


MSP's policy regarding Covid-19 will be followed for auditions, rehearsals, and performances.  For more information on the MSP Covid-19 Policy, please see the bottom of this page.  This policy is subject to change as state and local guidelines change.  

Audition Dates:  

December 11 & 12 from 7:00 - 9:00 pm.  Auditions will be held at the Basile Westfield Playhouse 220 N. Union Street, Westfield, IN 46074.  Please enter through the right-side doors at the front of the building.  Auditions will be held upstairs in the rehearsal room.

Actors should be familiar with the script. Actors will be asked to perform cold reads from the script. Please bring a theatrical resume/bio and a list of all conflicts between January 2 – February 19. Headshots optional.

If you have any questions, or you would like a copy of the rehearsal calendar or script, please contact director Ian Hauer at, or producer Ka’Lena Cuevas at

Performance Dates: 

February 9 - 19, 2022

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday shows begin at 7:30 pm.  Sunday shows begin at 2:30 pm.


Wealthy widow Mrs. Bramson notices that her maid is distracted, and when she learns the girl's fiancé, Dan, is the reason, summons him to her house. When he arrives, he ingratiates himself with Mrs. Bramson, playing on her sympathies to earn a job as her assistant. Mrs. Bramson's niece takes a liking to Dan, but slowly comes to believe he may have been involved in the disappearance of a local woman.


This taut psychological thriller, first presented in 1935, has terrified audiences for decades, and has been adapted to film three times.

Roles to be cast: 

MRS. BRAMSON – stage age: 55-65; a fussy, discontented woman, old-fashioned both in clothes and coiffure; she is pouty and self-serving, a hypochondriac who moves around in a wheelchair; she is the mistress of the manor and demands to be treated as such


OLIVIA GRAYNE – stage age: 25-35; a lonely, subdued young woman, her hair tied severely in a knot, wearing horn-rimmed spectacles; her appearance and countenance undergo a noticeable transformation as she is charmed by Dan


NURSE LIBBY – stage age: 18+; a kindly, matter-of-fact young woman in district nurse’s uniform


HUBERT LAURIE – stage age: 30-40; mustached, hearty, and pompous, he is in love with Olivia and has proposed to her


MRS. TERENCE – stage age: 35+; the cook, middle-aged, Cockney, fearless, no-nonsense, takes no huff from anyone


DORA PARKOE – stage age: 18-30; a young maid, nervous, naïve


INSPECTOR BELSIZE – stage age: 40+; a police officer who is tasked with finding the source of a murder; an entirely inconspicuous man, dressed in tweeds - his suavity hides any amount of strength


DAN – stage age: 20-40; oozes charm, with a veneer of danger, his personality varies considerably as the play proceeds - the impression he gives initially is one of totally disarming good humor






        1.  WPH will maintain signage at every public entrance (anyone entering the theatre to the lobby) that will display the following messaging:                 “If you are not fully vaccinated or do not have the antibodies, Please wear a mask.”  We would expect patrons who are not vaccinated or                 do not have reason to believe they have the antibodies to wear a mask at all times when in the building. 


        2.  We will have hand sanitizer in the dressing rooms, outside the actor bathrooms and back stage for actor/technician/volunteer use and in

             the lobby and lobby bathrooms for patron use.


        3.  Actors/technicians/volunteers should show up to all rehearsals prepared with all of their own materials, including, but not limited to,

             scripts, pencils, masks, water bottles.  No company members should share, including make-up and hair styling equipment.


        4.  There will be no reception lines or gathering of actors or company members in the lobby following the performance.  We would ask that

             patrons do not congregate in the lobby prior to or after the shows.  Any greeting or picture taking with friends or family should occur                     outside the theatre, at a safe social distance.  This will occur on the front porch, off to the side as to not block the exit doors.  Each show’s

             director has the option to choose whether their cast will do this or not.  Each actor in the cast will also have the option to participate or                   not, depending on their own personal comfort level.


        5.  If an actor, technician, or volunteer tests positive for Covid during the early portion of rehearsal, s/he will be removed from the

             production and the role will be reassigned.  Re-casting will also occur if this situation happens close to opening, and the role is small.  If a

             positive test occurs too close to opening night, the show may need to be delayed until any danger of Covid is obviously eradicated.  Any

             member of the company who believes they have been exposed to Covid should IMMEDIATELY contact their director who should

             IMMEDIATLEY contact the producer.  The producer is responsible for notifying the Executive Committee.


       6.  If the producer and director agree that they do not want to wear face coverings (shields,  masks) for rehearsals and performances the

            following rules will apply:

                  - If you have not auditioned your cast, the decision MUST be disclosed at audition time that the company will not be using face                                  coverings.

                  - If you have already cast your show, this agreement has to 100% unanimous by the entire cast and crew.  If one actor feels unsafe, it is

                    your responsibility as a director to make them feel safe.  If that means wearing face coverings, you must make that the rule.  The one

                   exception is:

                              -- If one actor wishes to mask up and personally doesn’t care if the rest of the cast does not, then they are allowed to without


                                            - Block as much social distancing into the show as is possible.

                                            - Watch your social media posts!  It is your responsibility to protect MSP/WPH image. 

                                            - If the board learns that any actor or technician feels uncomfortable and the director is not accommodating, the board

                                              will step in to rectify the situation.


This document will continue until such time that the CDC offers new guidelines which inform The Main Street Productions, Inc. Board to revoke or revise it.  As the Covid situation is ever changing, the Covid Committee can offer amendments to this document at any time which must then be passed by the entire board by majority vote.