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Main Street Productions Memberships and Patron Donations

MISSION STATEMENT:  The mission of Main Street Productions, Inc. is to create and present quality theatre which balances artistic vision and expression by producing theatre that involves, reflects, and nourishes the community it serves.


PATRON & MEMBERSHIP:  For each production, we must budget for royalty costs, props, building materials, costumes, etc.  All of this is in addition to our annual facility maintenance costs. 


MSP asks for your support and participation to allow us to continue to bring excellence in theatre to the community.  Please consider becoming a MSP Patron or Member and donating you time/skills.

Thank You to Our Current Members

Helen Louise Boling
Col. Joseph E. Boling (Ret)

Deborah Bredeweg

Thomas Bredeweg

Larry Brown

Susan Brown
Charles Callery
Judith Callery

Kae Campbell

Ka'Lena Cuevas

Rayford Crenshaw

Adam Davis
Brandi Davis

Doug Davis

Kearsley Duff

Eric Douthit 

Jill Douthit

Amy Evans

Josh Evans

Mary Fletcher

Leslie French

Marilyn Hannon

Ramona Henderson

Kate Hinman

Norma Hoberty

Jacqueline Holcomb

Sharon Humes
Jan Jamison

Dr. Louis Janeira

Mrs. Janeira
Thom Johnson
Melanie Kelly

Barbara Krueger

Duane Leatherman

Linnea Leatherman

Margaret Lewis
Steven Marsh

Matt McKee

Bill Miller

Betsy Miller

Andrea Odle

Jen Otterman

Sharon Pottorff

John Sampson

Carol Shadle

Kevin Shadle

Matthew Skelton

Teresa Olis Skelton

Tom Smith

Doug Stanton

Tammy Stanton

Richard Steinberg

Georgeanna Teipen

Joel Tragesser

Kirsten Tragesser

Gerry Traicoff

Jackie Traicoff

Julie Wallyn
Lisa M. Warner

Kathy Watson

Karen Webster

Bonnie Welniak

Karen Winkler

Rachel Winkler

Jeffrey Yardley

Lora Yardley

Robina Zink

Become a member today:

$25.00= 1 year membership (good through August 2023) 



Thank You to Our Current Donors

DIRECTOR LEVEL ($1,000 & up)

Alan and Jennifer Arthur

Frank and Katrina Basile

Paul Estridge

Carolyn and Hal Montgomery

John C. Sampson

Kathy Watson

Robina Zink


PRODUCER LEVEL ($500-$999)

Ellen P. Bosman

Dewey and Sharon Humes

Bill Miller

Delsie Montgomery

Jen Otterman



Jim Ake

Bobbi and Steve Dankert

Tanya Haas
Thom Johnson

Duane and Linnea Leatherman

Tom Smith

Deborah and William Wood



John and Susan Boyer

Deborah and Thomas G. Bredeweg

Lenore and Walt Cherenko

Tom Corbett

Mary Fletcher

Dr. and Mrs. Louis Janeira

Jan Jamison
Beth Kramer

Melanie and Stuart Kelly

David and Dusty Marshall


Doug and Robin Peet

Emily (Lina) and Michael Ricks

Gary and Patty Sampson

Karl Swain and Judy Gest

Doug and Tammy Stanton

Joel and Kristen Tragesser

Thomas and Sandra Wire

Barb Weaver



Tim and Susan Gibbons
Dewey and Sharon Humes

Karl and Susanne Kettlehut

Pamela Kingsley

Cindy Kirkpatrick
Roger McClain
James and Laura Mulligan

Jean Rodgers

Judy Williams



Cheryl Fesmire

  by Gary & Patty Sampson; Supporting Level


Hal Montgomery

  by his friends and the members of MSP


Tyler Montgomery

  by Hal & Carolyn Montgomery

  from Lenore & Walt Chemenko, Producer Level

Jerry Snyder

  by Aldo Buonnao; Tech Crew Level


Mary Lou Sullivan

  by Kathy Watson; Producer Level


Joan Walker

   by the cast and crew of Good Help is

   So Hard to Murder; Leading Actor Level


Joan Walker

   by Scott & Debra Walker; Producer Level

Robert Hartman

   by Monica Reinking 

Donate to MSP today:  MSP PATRON SPONSOR

Corporate Sponsor 

Please contact MSP

Director level $1000

Membership for one year for up to two individuals, name in program for two years from date of donation, up to two season tickets (one per person), punch card for 15 free concession items (max 3 per show)

Producer level $500-$999 

Membership for one year for up to two individuals, name in program for two years from date of donation, up to two season tickets (one per person)

Leading Role level $250-$499

Membership for one year for up to two individuals, name in program for one year from date of donation, two complimentary tickets

Supporting Role level $100-$249

One membership and name in each program for one year from date of donation

Tech Crew level $50-$99

One membership and name in each program for one year from date of donation



Main Street Productions, Inc. gratefully accepts donations.  If you wish to donate, please use the PayPal button below. Designated funds are Capital Improvement and Scholarship. 

Capital Campaign

Thank you to our Initial Capital Campaign Donors

for helping make the new playhouse a reality!

Anonymous (6)

Jennifer & Alan Arthur

Bob & Michelle Beauchamp

Col. Joseph E. & Helen Louise Boling

Russ and Betsy Bullis

Susan Young Caron Trust

Charles and Judith Callery

Walt and Lenore Chernenko

City of Westfield

Stu Clampett

Allen Whitehill Clowes Charitable Foundation

Tom Corbett

Downtown Westfield Association

Duke Energy Indiana, LLC

The Duprey family

Edgerock Development

Paul Estridge

Josh and Amy Evans

Corey & Mary Fillip

Norma Floyd

4th Hawk Consulting LLC

Marie M Fox (honored by Bill Fox & Kristen Rice)

Tanya Haas (The Haas family)

Mark Heirbrandt Campaign

Ramona Henderson

Christi and Jason Hill 

Kate Hinman

Parker & Jean Hinshaw

     (in memory of Max & Edith Hinshaw) 

Sharon Humes

Indiana Writing Center

Indianapolis Fringe Theater

Jan Jamison

Thom Johnson

Duane & Linnea Leatherman

LillyUS Matching Gifts - Kevin Shadle

Dana Lesh

Walter & MaryAnn Matthews

Bill Miller (in memory of Myra Miller)

Beth Mitchell

Beth Montag

Hal Montgomery Memorial Fund

Carolyn Montgomery & Debbie Harrison

      (in memory of Hal Montgomery)

Cathie Morgan

The David Mueller Family

The Odle Family

Jen Otterman

Alyce & Daniel Penry

Monica Reinking

     (in memory of Bunny Rodak)

Gary Sampson

John C. Sampson

Patty & Gary Sampson (for John’s birthday)

Brian Schmidt

Stephen & Kathy Schnelker

     (in memory of Celia Steinberg)

Dennis Young & Linda Serra

Kevin & Carol Shadle

Matt & Teresa Skelton

Tom Smith

Rich Steinberg

Karl Swain

UBS Financial Services Inc

Lisa Warner

Julie Wallyn

Barb Weaver

JoAnn Weiker

The Whitesell Family

Joan Wilson

Caity Withers

Dennis Young and Linda Serra

Robina Zink Family Charitable Fund

Annual Polo Fundraiser

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